Singer. Actor.
Mover & Shaker.

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A Day in the Life

Corinne grew up in the small town of Prospect, Connecticut, where her passion for music and theatre was cultivated by her wonderfully talented and supportive parents. 

Corinne knew she had a passion for music at a young age when she decided her ultimate goal was to grow up to be Britney Spears. Of course, that dream changed over the years, but only slightly. She still dreams of belting out pop ballads while dancing with snakes and rolling around in glitter, but only if it takes place at the Schubert or St. James Theatre. 

Corinne is known for being a generous scene partner, an intuitive actor, and kind-hearted person. Thank you for visiting her page.

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Corinne loves to showcase her talents in real life, so if you'd like to hear about her next project, inquire about tickets, or schedule a meeting, feel free to email her at

Corinne Marshall

Singer. Actor. Mover & Shaker.

(203) 510-2805